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Here it is folks, Season Four.

Disclamer i do not own Transformers (I wish i did though) This is solely for entertainment purposes only, Just like the project is for entertainment.

Transformers Heroes

Season 4- Strange Tales

Dreadwing Pt. 1
Megatron decides to give Galvatron another chance and sent him to Cybertron to find a long lost ally with a hatred for Optimus, Dreadwind (Robin Atkins Downes), who want to kill Prime for the Deaths of Darkwing and Skyquake. Galvatron teams up with the High Lord Straxus (Jim Cummings) to find the broken warrior.

Dreadwing Pt. 2
Megatron fixed Dreadwind with the corpses of Darkwing and Skyquake and created Dreadwing (Robin Atkins Downes). Optimus is shocked at the news that Dreadwind was alive because he was the one who killed Dion. Now both of them must finish what has started centuries ago.

I'm Retired
When Ratchet found out Jetfire and Jetstorm are the grandsons of the retired Intelligent Aerialbot, Skyfire (Mark Ryan), He gets the Jet Twins assistence to visit him on Nebulos. But when they got there, Thundercracker tries his best to force Skyfire to join their cause. Now Skyfire joins forces with his old friend and take on the Cons.

Total Ownage!
After experimenting with the Headmaster program the Decepticons gave to M.E.C.H., Henry Masterson (Alexander Polinsky) Uses the tech and takes Roadbuster's Body. Now just a head, Roadbuster must rely on the other less powerful Autobots to help him get his body back from the Headmaster.

Brain Flame
The Psychiatrist Flame (Steve Blum) comes to earth to give the Autobots a phycological check up with the help of a machine that can see into the mind. When he stumbles upon coordinates to a secret weapons cache in Optimus' mind, Flame throws an auction with the Decepticons to sell the info. Can the Autobots stop the auction before it is too late?

Shattered Glass
After an incident with the groundbridge, Bumblebee and Simon both end up in a reality where the Autobots are evil and the Decepticons are good. There Simon also encounters a sadistic bad boy version of himself. The two confused universe travelers teams up with the True King of Cybertron Megatron to face the Insanely Tyrannical Optimus Prime.

Jacked Up
The Omnibots and Wreakers worst fears comes to life when the Autobot Tinkerer, Wheeljack (John DiMaggio) comes by Optimus' request. Wheeljack also brought a dangerously untested device called the Immobilizer. Starscream sees this as a useful device for the Decepticons and he and his seekers come to take it.

Terror from the Deep
The Autobots have found a disturbance coming from the Atlantic Ocean. When they go to investigate they have found The sunken city of Sub-Atlantica packed with Cybertronian technology. Unfortunately King Nergill (Corey Burton) does not like visitors. Meanwhile Barricade and his army investigate the disturbance

Spy Vs. Spy
Some of the Autobots in the base are being aggressive to one another. Trickster does not like how things are going inside the base. But he soon finds out that it was the Shifer Femme Makeshift (Nika Futterman) under the employ of Megatron. Well Two can play at this game.

Home Alone
All the Autobots are away in various parts of the worlds fighting Decepticons leaving Simon to watch the base. It was then attacked by Soundwaves deployers Laserbeak (Tom Kenny) Ratbat (Dee Bradley Baker) Frenzy (Clancy Brown), Rumble (Khary Payton) and Ravage. Simon must find a way to get the deployers busy until the Autobots come back.

The Autobots needs to find a way to expose M.E.C.H. to who they really are. While they are doing that, M.E.C.H. and the Decepticons are creating an army of upgraded troopers called the Insecticons.

Honor III: Students
Bludgeon returns again with Nightbird at his side for some good old fashioned pay back. Can Drift rely on the Ninja Trained Arcee to defeat the evil duo.

Bride of Nemesis
Its Optimus' and Elita-1's anniversary and she comes to Earth as a surprise. Nemesis, longing for company, kidnaps Elita so that he can make her his bride. But very soon he will discover it is not a wise idea to steal from a Prime.

Human after all
The Autobots wake up the next morning to discover that they are all turned into Humans. When the Decepticons attack they city, How can the Autobots fight back? But they don't know that they are living in a simulation created by the Nemisi Soundwave clone Soundblaster (Jeff Bennet)

Release Trypticon Pt.1
After countless years of searching Megatron has found the remains of his greatest weapon made, Trypticon (Fred Tatasciore). Megatron goes to the Dark sector to find him and Resurrect him.

Release Trypticon Pt.2
Megatron lures the Autobots into the Dark Sector so that Trypticon can destroy them. Will they survive?

Dark God
After the Destruction of Trypticon Megatron floats in space only to end up on a living planet where the Dark God Unicron (George Takai) rules. Together with the Fallen (Mark Hamill) they show Megatron the true power of Dark Energon. Meanwhile Galvatron and Starscream both struggle for who leads the Decepticons.
Season 4 Everybody!

The Episode Brain Flame is based on the Batman episode with Hugo Strange in it.

Also includes a couple of G1 stars.

Transformers (C) HasTak
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